August 28th, 2008


Permanent Poster Positions

I "spoke" with flaming_tyger and we agreed that there should be some time limit for turning substitute posters in to permanent posters.

flaming_tyger also decided to make me co-moderator of the community. I promise not to let this new-found power go to my head.

So here are some rules - set forth by my IRON FIST OF POWER-HUNGRY DOOOOOOM!!!
1. If a poster misses 3 weeks in a row a substitute will be chosen from the list of subs.
2. If a poster doesn't return for 5 more weeks (or at least contact us to let us know what is up) the substitute poster will become the permanent poster for that day.
3. If you are going off to Timbuktu for an extended vacation, you can get a substitute and this will not count against you - just make a maintenance post with some information about how long you will be gone - and we'll set someone up. Also consider sending me a T-Shirt.
4. All members of this community will change their underwear every half hour.
5. All members of this community will wear their underwear on the outside so we can check.
6. It is not required that everyone gets movie references.

Really not much new and the rules are more guidelines - exceptions can be made even if you don't send me a T-Shirt.

Also it pleases me to note aukogi and karmic_serenity are now the permanent posters for Sunday and Monday respectively.

Edit: Also we have the word-man from down under, nerdfury, on Thursdays.