July 25th, 2008


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[BOCK-uh-nail-LeAnn ] –adjective-

Dictionary.com entry for Bacchanalian

given to reveling, evocative of the greek god St Bacchus
drunken manner of merrymaking

Also used as a noun:
A drunken reveler
might be referred to as " a Baccahanlian"

The kittens-at-play portion of
reminded me of this Thursday's word,

Online Etymology Dictionary entry for Bacchanal
1536, from L. bacchanalis "having to do with Bacchus" (Gk. Bakkhos), god of wine and revelry. His name is perhaps related to L. bacca "berry." Meaning "riotous, drunken roistering; orgy" is from 1711; Bacchanalia in this sense is from 1633, from the name of the Roman festival held in honor of Bacchus. Bacchae "female attendants of Bacchus" is from Gk. Bakkhai, pl. of Bakkhe.


Jul. 25th 2008 - Xeriscaping

xe.ri.scap.ing [zeer-i-skey-ping,]
environmental design of residential and park land using various methods for minimizing the need for water use.
Also, xe.ri.scape

[Origin: 1980–85; xer(ic) + (land)scaping]

xeriscape. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/xeriscape (accessed: July 25, 2008).

Bob spent a lot of time and money xeriscaping he was quite pleased with himself for saving water and having a beautiful garden. Perhaps he wouldn't have to spend so much on overhead tarps and heat lamps if he lived in an arid climate like Texas, rather than in the temperate rain forest outside Seattle.