February 15th, 2008


Feb 15, 2008 - Cryptid

Cryptids are creatures presumed extinct, hypothetical species, or creatures known from anecdotal evidence and/or other evidence insufficient to prove their existence with scientific certainty. The term "cryptid" was first coined in 1983 by John Wall. Cryptids may also be known as unidentified mysterious animals (UMA). The study of cryptids is known as Cryptozoology.

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Of all the cryptids, Sasquatch was faring best with discovery. His university lectures on forestry were well attended, his book, "Man, a Cryptozoological Study", was a best seller and his chain of dog grooming salons had made him rich. His cousin, Yeti, was not doing nearly so well. His book, "The Joy of Cooking with Snow", only sold two copies and his business of selling lemonade in the high Himalaya to mountaineers, called "Yellow Snow Drink", was consistently losing money