December 1st, 2007


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Sorry for the delay in more postings, but starting soon, there should be one everyday.
Several people seemed to like the idea of having a different person post a word each day. I think that is probably the best idea, because I think it'll produce a lot of words and just be easier for all the posters. I think we'll try that for a while and see how it works.
As such, I picked 7 people who volunteered at random and assigned them days, at random. The schedule will be as following, unless someone wants it changed.
Monday-  cucumber_eyes
Tuesday-  theratgoddess
Wednesday- flaming_tyger
Thursday- akaleia
Friday- yasashiiuke
Saturday- educate_sedate

So if each of those people could comment on this entry and say they'll do it, that would be great. As soon as everyone comments, we'll start posting words again.