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Forgive me if I keep this short, all, but we're in the middle of a heat-wave here in South Australia, so my brain's all mush. Since Sunday the 19th, we've had temperatures of 87, 98, 110, 114 and 109 degrees Fahrenheit today, and the next seven days are forecasted to be 108, 104, 104, 102, 100, 100 and 104 degrees!


Anyway, today's sweaty word is:

Tregetour [trej'e-ter]

A juggler, trickster or deceiver. Originally used to describe a type of jester or juggler, tregetour, though now archaic, eventually came to mean someone who uses cunning tricks to deceive others (sometimes but not limited to stage performances).

From Old French tresgetour, from tresgeter, from Latin trans across and jetere to throw

I say the sewer thought I was dressed to bear a part in the tregetour’s mummery, and so I got admission — Walter Scott, Ivanhoe
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