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Jan. 16th 2009 - Synesthesia or Synaesthesia

syn·es·the·sia or syn·aes·the·sia [ sìnnəss theezhə ]

1. physiology sensation felt elsewhere in body: the feeling of sensation in one part of the body when another part is stimulated

2. psychology stimulation of one sense alongside another: the evocation of one kind of sense impression when another sense is stimulated, e.g. the sensation of color when a sound is heard

3. literature rhetorical device: in literature, the description of one kind of sense perception using words that describe another kind of sense perception, as in the phrase "shining metallic words" ( literary )

[Late 19th century. < modern Latin < syn- (< Greek sun "together") + stem of Greek aisthēsis "sensation," after anesthesia]

Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. (accessed: January 16, 2009).

Bob suffered from a rare form of synesthesia; seeing a color would evoke the sensation of taste. His favorite flavored color, fuscia, was popular this season. This led to Bob losing his job; licking peoples' sweaters was not approved corporate behavior.
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