NerdFury - Big Daddy (nerdfury) wrote in 1word1day,
NerdFury - Big Daddy

Evening all!

Omphaloskepsis [om-fe-lo-skep'sis]

Navel-gazing. To refer to a sort of introspective self-analysis.

Greek, from omphalos 'navel' and skepsis 'query,' 'doubt.'

Harry's wife told him one day he should sit and comtemplate his life, and how he really needed to get into shape and cut back the beer. After a few hours of doing just that, Harry decided that grab a beer and play Mario Kart. Afterall, all that omphaloskepsis had to count for stomach crunches somehow!

Speaking of Mario Kart, anyone else play?

Tags: greek, noun, o, wordsmith: nerdfury

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