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Morning all - it's 10.00 am on Friday 19/12/2008 here in Downunderverse, but according to my World Clock it's still a Thursday over your way! I'm really freakin' tired right now, so you'll forgive me for the rather short entry.

Barathrum [ba-ra-thrum; pron ba-rath'rum]

Latin, from Greek 'barathron'

An abyss; a bottomless pit; an insatiable person.

Recently my team at work went to dinner at an all-you-can-eat barbeque restaurant. Fransky, an incredibly tall and insatiable young man, went two or so rounds, I went three and most others went one to one-and-a-bit. The star of the night was clearly Toby, however, who went through a staggering six rounds, showed us all his stomach was barathrum and could never be filled.

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