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Howdy all. Short, sharp and shiny because I'm hungry and can't wait any longer for dinner. Today's word is:

Amphigory [am-phi-gor-y; pron, am-fi-gor-ee]

- A nonsense verse.
- Writing with apparent meaning that is just designed to look good.

From French amphigouri, of unknown origin. Perhaps from Greek amphi- + gyros 'circle,' thus 'circle on both sides,' or second element may be from Greek -agoria 'speech.'

I used to hang out with a friend at a local poetry club held at a bar called 'Spoke 'n Slurred' where people would get drunk and read out poetry. Amongst occasional decent pieces was a continuous roll out of poetry read out by goths, feminists and arts students in melodramatic voices, which could only be described as amphigory. I think the term I used was 'amphigorous wank.'

At least there was booze, though.
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