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Dec. 06, 2008 - nonfeasance

late this time-- sorry! this weekend was crazy.

nonfeasance   [ non fee zuhns ]
noun (Law.)

Definition (Random House Unabridged Dictionary):
1. the omission of some act that ought to have been performed.

Definition (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language):
1. Failure to perform an act that is either an official duty or a legal requirement.

[ 1590–1600; non- + obs. feasance (Fr. faisance 'activity'); compare malfeasance, misfeasance ]

3. Nonfeasance and gross neglect of duty for failing to perform the official duties of his office and for being incompetent to execute his office’s duties.
--The Toledo Blade, Disgraced Dann resigns as Ohio Attorney General
Tags: french, n, noun

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