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I might be a little late - sorry guys! Or am I..? Well, it's Thursday somewhere in the universe! Before anyone says so, yes, I did just grab this from Anu Garg's Word-A-Day, but use this word all the time, and I'm also trying to get ready for work as I write this and wanted to get something out to you word-hungry fiends!

Today's word is..

Flummadiddle [fumm-a-did-dle; pron flum-uh-DID'l]

1. Nonsense.
2. Something worthless.

Of uncertain origin, apparently from flummery (a dessert; nonsense).

Gilly talks to hear his head rattle. He passes the time with flummadiddles. I learned right away that he says things without giving any thought to them.
Tags: f, noun, unknown etymology, wordsmith: nerdfury

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