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Howdy folks!

Today's Thursday word, which is totally not made up, is:

Selcouth [sel-couth; pron sel'kooth]

Strange; unfamiliar; marvellous. Combining the sense of strangeness with that of wonder.

From Old English sel(d)cuth, from seldan seldom, and cuth, known.

Today's definition comes from a short blurb I rediscovered recently, written on a bus. It talks of a young, unnamed youth who visits a city in a fantasy world I've been working on for about nine years, called Agyrica which is part of a tale I call Caelis Nox:

Coming from the outlying regions near the East Quarter River, Tam had only heard fantastical tales of the port city of Belli and its many sights, and had never dreamed he would ever see the world beyond the fields of his village. As he entered the outer gates of the city, he froze in step and looked in awe at the selcouth sights surrounding him - the many strange clothes on many strange people entering and exiting the city proper - here, a creature with whiskers and a tail like a cat; and there! A man with mottled green-grey skin and short tusks coming from his face, wearing the garb of a sailor.

Around him were hawkers shouting out their wares and other lads about his age offering their services as guides for new visitors. He heard a roaring noise in th distance and gasped as he saw a fabled Gnomish flying machine roar past and followed its path as he jogged down the main path until he entered the city proper. But nothing could prepare him for the sight he was greeted with as he passed the innter gates, as the sky line before him almost disappeared, dominated with a great statue of a majestic looking man in uniform, with obsidian raven's wings stretched out before him.

"That's Melciran, the Arch-Raven,' a voice chimed up next to him, startling Tam. 'Ma says he's gonna bring change for the better, but Pa says he'll be burnin' books an' he wants to lock up the Blooders an' Inkers an' stuff."
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