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Afternoon folks - happy Obamarama08 for those of you that are celebrating, and something 'condolency' to those that are not. I was going to say more, but this isn't a political community. All I'm saying is here in Australia, we're happy for you as well!

Today's fantabulous word of the day is:

Delenda [de-len'da, pron dee-lehn-dah]

Things to be deleted or destroyed. Can be used in a grand sense, as is best known from the Latin phrase "Delenda est Carthago," meaning "Carthage must be destroyed," spoken by Cato the Elder in 157 B.C. after perceiving that Carthage might pose a threat to the Roman Republic.

Can also be used in terms of censorship or marking an item to be shreded.

Latin, neuter plural of gerundive of delere, to delete

It's a little known fact* that the Cybermen from Doctor Who were going to be featured in an episode set in Ancient Rome, but the writers realised that none of the actors could say "DELENDA! DELENDA!" in a mechanical voice without sounding utterly ridiculous.

* This may not** be true.
** Okay, so it's not true at all.
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