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What ho, chaps!

Short, sharp and shiny one today!

Todays word is..

Sisyphean [sis-y-phe-an]; pron sis-i-fee'an}

Laborious, endless and futile. This term is sometimes capitalised.

Greek, from Sisyphus, king of Corinth. Derives from the story of the legendary king Sisyphus, who was condemned after his death to perpetually roll a huge stone to the top of the hill in Tartarus (a punishing world below Hades itself), only to have it roll back each time he neared his goal.

Being my day off, I really ought to begin the Sisyphean task of cleaning up my apartment. You'd think that when I moved into my own place, I'd find it easier to keep tidy but it's really not the case!

Sorry it's not as good as my previous ones, but I have a massive headache at the moment. D:
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