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Hi diddly, Word-a-rinos!

Today's fantabulous word o' the Thursday is:

Carfax [car-fax; pron kar'faks]

A place where four roads meet; an intersection of main roads at the center of a town.

From Latin quadrifurcus, four-forked.

Morgrath, self-styled Chief Warlock of the Lord of Corruption, Master of all Hells, Emperor of the Black, and plenipotentiary for the newly merged 'Quikfix' fish and chip shop was back to his old tricks of wizardly evil.

Sitting at his throne he reflected on where his evil spell went wrong - he'd been standing at a carfax at precisely midnight intonating arcane and undoubtedly evil words, he had the skull and the Jewel of Caerbannog. Perhaps the spell might have worked if not for the constant distracting beeping of the M23 bus to Horsham behind him!

He swore vengeance on the on the Horsham public transport service!
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