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No bad days in October Tuesday

sycophancy [sik-uh-fuhn-see, -fan-, sahy-kuh-]

1. self-seeking or servile flattery.
2. the character or conduct of a sycophant.


Since Gaspard was never able to get ahead in show business by his own talents, he decided to fall to using the tactic of sycophancy on the stars and reap the rewards of those who thought he was actually being genuine.

I realize that there was a word a while ago that's another version of this, but I thought I'd give it another shot. Also, another word for my forgetting last week.


fabulous and joyful; delightful

From Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass


"I'm feeling spectacularly frabjous today!" exclaimed Elizabeth to her friend Therese. "I got an A on my test, caught a butterfly, ate cheesecake, and was accepted into my major program!"

I'm hoping for a frabjous day tomorrow. I'm hoping my philosophy midterm won't suck. Frabjoucity! Is that a word?
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