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It's Thursday, and you know what that means?

Well. Not much. But coinkidinkally, it so happens to be the day I so happen to post here.

Today's Word O' the Day is:

Plenipotentiary [plen-i-po-ten-ti-ar-y; pron plen-ee-poh-TEN-shee-air-ee]

A person, esp. a diplomatic agent, invested with full power or authority to transact business on behalf of another.

- Invested with full power or authority, as a diplomatic agent.
- Conferring or bestowing full power, as a commission.
- Absolute or full, as power.

From Latin plenipotentiarius - plenus, 'full' plus potens, 'powerful'

Morgrath, self-styled Chief Warlock of the Lord of Corruption, Master of all Hells, Emperor of the Black and all-round nice guy, was a little pleased when he was offered the title of plenipotentiary for a local business. Little did he know, and surprised was he to discover, that there was more to it than simply 'absolute or full power' part of his dictionary. Hee swore eternal vengeance on Anu Garg for this trickery, as he prepared a keynote speech for the company's new merger.

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