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Happy Thursday, everyone! In attempt to find a fun word for you all to absorb, I've found I'm running low on extra long or fanciful creatures to propose - but I did run across this delightful little phrasing. I know it's not strictly a word, but we've had phrases before and this is more of a phrase-that-is-kind-of-a-word-type-thing.


Fin de siècle or Fin-de-siècle [fan dih see-EH-kluh]

Of or pertaining to the end of a century, especially the nineteenth century, and its climate of of sophisticated world-weariness and self-doubt.

From French, literally 'end of century'

In the fin-de-siècle days of the nineteenth century, all the people had to worry about were those crazy parambulators and those teenage harlots getting about with their ankles exposed. They had nothing to worry about, compared with the fin-de-siècle days of the nineteenth Century when the Mechanofelines took over, and internet speeds were reduced to a mere 14 TB/s!

Okay, yeah - it's not that good. But you love me anyway. :D
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