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I get my ideas from musicals Tuesday

Hi there. Last Tuesday was a huge ball of angst and worry, and I apologize for not posting my word. You get two today!

ecdysiast [ek-diz-ee-ast, -ist]

a stripper or striptease artist.


H.L. Mencken's invented proper word for "strip-tease artist," 1940, from Gk. ekdysis "a stripping or casting off" (used scientifically with ref. to serpents shedding skin or crustacea molting), from ekdyein "to put off" (contrasted with endyo "to put on"), from ex- + dyo "sink, plunge, enter."


Gypsy Rose Lee was described as an ecdysiast (thus called because of her "high-class strip act") who achieved fame through her witty striptease act at Minsky's Burlesque.

dross [draws, dros]

1. waste matter; refuse.
2. Metallurgy. a waste product taken off molten metal during smelting, essentially metallic in character.
3. British. coal of little value.


Jean lamented the amount of pollution in her city by crying, "Look at all the dross in the water! It's very nearly green with toxic waste!"
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