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So I've been given an ASCII heart  for my first post, and told that my second was the best post ever here - that's a lot of pressure for number three, man! Can I live up to it? I hope so!

Apodyopsis [A-po-dy-op-sis] Pronounciation [ah-poh-die-op-sis]

The mental undressing of a person.

Not 100% certain on the etymology since I'm unable to locate any info on it outside of Merriam-Webster and sex-related sites, but if anyone can locate a decent etymology, I would love you for life! I'm guessing it's Greek. though.

Louisa, with her callipygian form and sexy maquillage, was often the subject of much opprobrious behaviour from the males. She really didn't mind being the subject of apodyopsis while she wandered past with their meals - they'd soon be turned into kibble for Chairman Meow, Mechanofeline Overlord of New Jersey. A little skirt might make their fate seem less... squishy.
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