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By the divine grace of his Co-Lordiness of the Community, I've been given a surprise!post sprung on me! So here I am on my Friday, furiously hunting for a nice word for your Thursday! I can hear the tick boom tick boom tick boom of the clock on 24! AAGH!

But I am a quick rabbit, so here we go!

Maquillage [mak-ee-ahzh; Fr. ma-kee-yazh]

Makeup or cosmetics.

From French maquillage (makeup), from maquiller (to apply makeup). Ultimately from the Indo-European root mag-/mak- (to knead, to fit) that is also the source of words make, mason, mass, match, and mingle.

Though James had been captured by our new mechanofeline overlords, he thought he was being treated pretty well. Little did he know as he adjusted his new collar so it fit a little more comfortably, that the mechanofeline scientists actually needed humans to test their latest range of maquillage products for the lady mechanofelines to use back on their home planet. Allergic reactions were expected.

As an interesting side-note, did you know that the female dactylopius coccus insect is used as a colourant in many red and pink tinted cosmetics. If your lipstick says 'carmine,' 'cochneal,' or 'carminic acid,' you'll be slathering on smooshed up bugs!
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