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It's technically past Saturday here in Downunderverse, but despite that I'm in your future, it's still Saturday there! Personally, I welcome our new mechanofeline overlords!

Saponaceous - sap·o·na·ceous [sap-uh-ney-shuhs]

Soapy, slippery, evasive, having the consistency or likeness of soap or slipperiness. Can be used to describe someone or something.
From New Latin Saponaceus, from Latin sapon (soap)

Example: Try as he might to think of a way out of it, the saponaceous little bastard was right - the contract was air-tight. But on the plus side, John could do what he liked with his newly won soul - Freddy was an Atheist!
Tags: adjective, latin, s, wordsmith: nerdfury

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