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Apologies once again for missing last week.

lambent / lam-buhnt

1. running or moving lightly over a surface: lambent tongues of flame.
2. dealing lightly and gracefully with a subject; brilliantly playful: lambent wit.
3. softly bright or radiant: a lambent light.

Example: The lambent reflection of the moonlight on the lake created a stunning vision.

Origin: 1640–50; < L lambent- (s. of lambéns) lapping, prp. of lambere to lick wash (said of water or fire)

[ETA] I just realized that this word was our word of the day almost exactly two years ago (8/3/06)! Sorry for the repeat, but since it's been such a long time and it's a cute word... :)
Tags: adjective, l, latin

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