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Origin: 1535–45; < LL splénéticus.

–adjective Also, sple·net·i·cal.
of the spleen; splenic.
irritable; peevish; spiteful. Claudian's splenetic verses
affected with, characterized by, or tending to produce melancholy. (Obsolete)
Affected or marked by ill humor or irritability.
vexatious, irascible, testy, fretful, touchy, petulant, choleric
a splenetic person.
A person regarded as irritable.

You humor me when I am sick; Why not when I am splenetic? --Pope

The book is Black's own splenetic contribution to the recent spate of books against God that have clogged bestseller lists. --Rick Sawyer, The Bostonist May 23, 2008

Several splenetic Clinton tirades against journalists, or hecklers, are popular online, and prompted some to question if Clinton's skills are dated.--Gulf Daily News May 2, 2008

My father was given to splenetic temper tantrums and drank prodigiously - two possible reasons for the collapse of his marriage - and the shame of my mother's abrupt departure made him worse. --Rory Knight Bruce
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