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Thanks for all the feedback, I have begun the tag update (this will take a while).
Hopefully we will get all the posters on-board (and I hope flaming_tyger is happy with this).

Here is the tag list:
Part of speech - Noun, Verb, Adjective, ...
First letter of word - a, b, c ...
Literature - If the word itself (e.g. Faustian) or the example comes from to us from literature.
If the words has the origins listed, origin language - French, Greek, Latin ...
Other interesting tags: Alliteration, Poem, Limerick ...
Maintenance - for entries related to the community journal itself.

The reason for the first letter tag is to hopefully allow looking up to see if a word was previously used in a reasonable time.

I have been deleting unused tags, so the current huge set of tags should start to get smaller.
Tags: maintenance

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