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"The kind of acting you get to do on TV is influenced by American movies, so your instinct is to break it up and naturalise it. But you have to deliver it with elan and conviction; you have to obey the rules and then it frees itself up."

...read that today and didn't recognize the word, thought it was neat, I learned something!

ey-lahn, ey-lan; Fr. ey-lahn
dash; impetuous ardor: to dance with great élan
Enthusiastic vigor and liveliness.
Distinctive style or flair.
[Origin: 1875–80; F, MF eslan a dash, rush, n. deriv. of eslancer to dart: es-</i>, out + lancer, to throw (from Late Latin lanceāre, to throw a lance, from Latin lancea, lance)]
Tags: e, french, latin, noun

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