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Words, old and new, posted daily!
Welcome to 1word1day, a Word-A-Day community where an elite squadron of volunteer posters present tasty, daily morsels of old, new, forgotten and modern words to educate, enlighten and amaze our readers.

There's really not much else to say!

Our rules here are simple, and we really only have one: Don't be a dick. It's pretty self-explanatory, and we'll let you know if you break it.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our parcels of sweet, sweet lingual knowledge, delivered by the following Wordsmiths:

Sunday: theidolhands
Monday: ersatz_read
Tuesday: available
Wednesday: uniquepov
Thursday: prettygoodword
Friday: med_cat
Saturday: theidolhands

Interested in posting? We are always interested in people that may be up for substitute roles (that is, you fill in when someone's not available, and may become permanent if they no longer want to do it). Currently volunteering: brendala

We're also looking for regular themed posters! Know a lot of cool science-y or biblical words? Bit of an expert in how modern English derives from Latin? Consider yourself on the forefront of words adopted from other languages, movies or other sources? Let us know!

Posts can be composed in advance and using LiveJournal's configurations will allow you to post on time even while away or during a holiday.

All queries, questions and concerns may be directed to either maintainer via LJ private message.

Hey, find this place and wondering if we have a Facebook page? We didn't, but now we do! And yes, the Facebook group's link DOES end in 1337 - neat!

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